13.-14.8. 2022, Vanha Suurtori, Turku, Finland. Turku Bicycle Fair is a new big bicycle event in the middle of Old Turku, Finland. It is an outdoor event and free of charge and filled with all kind of action! You can come and repair your bicycle, or tune it to the best, or you can follow energetic BMX or TRIAL shows on the action arena! There is also a program stage nearby for more peaceful entertain- and infotainment. We have bike shops and other bicycle related exhibitors present and even an Innovation Competition that you can join and win! Turku Bicycle Fair concept itself was one of the main winners in the Sytytä Turku -innovation challenge organised by City of Turku and therefore City of Turku is one of our main cooperation partners. We are also very grateful to all of those companies and other organisations that have decided to participate or support us! In the future there will be some long term developmental projects also related to Turku Bicycle Fair. For example preventing bicycle theft, collecting and repairing abandoned bikes and on site bicycle maintenance/repair service for apartments, communities and suburbs. Come and See us in August! For more information (in Finnish), click here >>>

July 2022 (date announced later), Turku.

Booktori is a traditional cultural summer event of old books and literature. It is an annual outdoor event since 2001, nowadays in the riverside of Aurajoki in Turku, Finland, and it is free of charge (Address: Läntinen rantakatu 37, Turku). You can find all kind of cultural best buys, mainly in Finnish, but also some in English. Books, magazines, maps, collectibles, printed materials of all sort. There should be again some cultural program too. The Atmosphere is anyway something to experience! Welcome! Facebook Booktori. For more information (in Finnish), click here >>>

Sat 13.8. 2022 Riverside Aurajoki, Turku, Finland

How come is it possible that first time event is titled the biggest? The answer is there is no other bicycle picnics of this sort in Finland. Idea is to give a good reason to come to Turku by bike and have a nice summer day on the banks of River Aura. With your friends and/or relatives or by yourself. You can buy something to eat and drink on the restaurants by the river Aura or bring your own delicacies. The Biggest Bicycle Picnic is organised at the same time and as a part of the two day Turku Bicycle Fair. Turku is already very famous for it’s big public gatherings, for example the eve of 1st of May, the picnic of 1st of May, the declaration of Christmas Peace, the latter almost uninterrupted since the 1300s!, and even Ruisrock, the oldest rock festival in Finland. We wish to join the Club with The Biggest Bicycle Picnic and therefore we need You to be there! For more information (in Finnish), click here >>>

Sun 14.8. 2022

20-year-old classic bicycle ride in Turku. Turku Touring Pyöräily will be ridden the same weekend as we have Turku Bicycle Fair in 2022. You can choose the right trip from our selection, whether it is to challenge yourself or riding a peaceful Sunday ride. For more information (in Finnish), click here >>>

September 2022 (date announced later)

Turku Antiquarian Book Fair is an annual event of Antiquarian Books and Literature in the very heart on Turku, Finland. The three day indoor event is free of charge and offers an excellent possibility to find wonderful old books and other typographical wonders to yourself and of course as presents to all of those important around you. Antiquarian products are often unique and therefore an experience as itself. You are Welcome! For more information (in Finnish), click here >>>

Participate remotely!

Virtual Fair allows you to join different kind of live events
remotely. It is a low budget simple solution, so do not set your expectations too high. Virtual Fair opening hours are the same as opening hours of the live event. Therefore the link to participate the Virtual Fair is available only during the opening hours of the live event. The link will appear in the Event List in the following page: For more information (in Finnish), click here >>>