Student Bicycle Fair

Sat 9.9. 2023 at 12.00-16.00
Inspehtorinkatu 12, Turku
Tyyssija office (courtyard), Student Village


Sell or recycle your bike

One of the most important themes of the fair is recycling. If you have an extra bicycle, you can bring it to the fair for sale (you can bring the bike to the display with contact information, however, the transaction is made directly between the seller and the buyer). If your bike is completely unusable, you can also bring it to the metal recycling. There is a general metal recycling point in the fair, so you can bring any metal to the fair (no other waste, only metal!).

Tuning your bike

You can also donate to the fair all such useful extra stuff that others can use for tuning of the bicycle! Specially we would like to have different battery-powered lights and LED light sets (so-called Christmas lights), so people can make their bicycles shine in the dark! So, if you have extra Christmas lights, other battery lights, or other stuff that can be safely attached to a bike that you don’t need anymore, take it to the fair with you and make your fellow students happy!

Turun Pyöräpaja (bike kitchen)

Washing your bike

Event Partners:


In addition to repairing and having fun in general, you can also tune Your Bicycle at the Student Bike Fair! Bring all kind of fun stuff with you when you come to the fair. Turun Ekotori offers some items too to be used but only early birds can have them!

We try to get a Turku-city-rental-cargo-bike to the fair for testing purposes, but this is not quite sure yet.

Additional information:

The responsible organizer of the event:

Turun Pyörämessut Oy

Fri-Sun 15.-17.9. 2023, Nunnankatu 4, 20100 Turku

Turku Antiquarian Book Fair is an annual event of Antiquarian Books and Literature in the very heart of old Turku, Finland. Art House (Taiteen talo) is located in the address: Nunnankatu 4, Turku. The three day indoor event is free of charge and offers an excellent possibility to find wonderful old books and other typographical wonders to yourself and of course as presents to all of those important around you. You are Welcome!

August 2024, Turku

Turku Bike Fair main event next time in August 2024. If you are interested to be a partner or have some other good bicycle related ideas or want some more info, please contact

August 2024, Turku

The Biggest Bicycle Picnic is organised at the same time as the Turku Bike Fair. We want people to come to Turku city center by bike and have something very nice to drink and dine. And hopefully picnic will be big in the future, Turku is famous for it’s big public gatherings, for example eve of 1st of May, 1st of May itself and the declaration of Christmas Peace. Come by bike and have a great picnic! And invite your friends as well!

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Booktori is a traditional cultural summer event of old books and literature. It is an annual outdoor event since 2001, nowadays in the riverside of Aurajoki in Turku, Finland, and it is free of charge (Address: Läntinen rantakatu 37, Turku). You can find all kind of cultural best buys, mainly in Finnish, but also some in English. Books, magazines, maps, collectibles, printed materials of all sort. Welcome! Facebook Booktori.

Participate remotely!

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